RTA Test

What is RTA Test?

The Roads and Traffic Authority in New South Wales (Australia) is a government organisation that conducts the RTA test for the licensing of drivers. The authority is also responsible for managing the road infrastructure and registration of motor vehicles.

The RTA test is conducted for making the citizens have thorough knowledge about the road traffic rules. The test covers major aspects about the road traffic; therefore, the difficulty level of the test is high.

How do I prepare for the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) Test?

Information brochures, test materials and other study materials are available online at any RTA test conduction websites. Preparing for the actual RTA with all these materials will ensure a sure success in the driving knowledge test and also the driving test.

Since, practise makes anything perfect, these practise tests can be taken to improve your knowledge about all road rules applied in your particular region. The tests and the practise tests are designed according to the region you come from, thereby helping you in attempting your driver knowledge test successfully.

How do I apply for the Roads and Traffic Authority test?

The whole procedure of applying for the RTA takes a few minutes. Start giving the RTA test based on your level of expertise in driving.

RTA expanded as Roads and Traffic Authority, is a government organization based on New WALES, Australia. It conducts tests on a regular basis, to check if the new drivers and the existing ones are aware of all safety rules and regulations laid down by the Australian government. This test is a must for all drivers, irrespective of the type of vehicle you drive. Our website, Driver – knowledge – test, is mainly aimed at providing all those who would like to take the RTA test to give enough help with their DKT or the driver’s knowledge test.

As a motorcycle or a four wheeler driver, everyone needs to undergo the test conducted by the Road and transport authority. The main aim of the test is to have safe drivers on our roads and also to rule out any untoward accidents happening on the roads. There are many safety rules put up by the government to ensure safer road practice. Though, a handbook is provided with all the safety instructions and so on and so forth, sometimes, even after following all the guidelines, one misses out on some essential points. For this reason alone, and also for making sure that the citizens of Australia understand what to be done when faced with a road sign, the government agency conducts these tests.

We, at the driver-knowledge-test understands the importance of the rules and regulations laid down by the agency and try to promote it through our online sample tests, uploaded on our website. Each person who enrols with us or takes up a package can go through 12 sample papers, exclusively prepared with the type of questions that come up in the driver’s test. As per the saying:

“Practise makes a man perfect”, with good practice, all our customers have been able to clear their driving test with flying colours. And, after their test results, they have been able to travel along the roads of Australia with their loved vehicles.

Depending upon the state you are from, in Australia, your driver’s test might slightly vary. This is because, each test has been designed to suit the conditions faced on the roads of that particular geographical location. Understand this fact; we have separate tests uploaded for each of the states in Australia.

Hence, if you are planning not renew your license or looking for ways to get your gleaming ‘L’ plates on your vehicle, visit our sample test page to pass with flying colours!