If you are a new driver and are about to give a driving knowledge test, you need to know what it comprises of, before going in for the real test. Though traffic rules and regulations are simple and easy to understand, answering the selected questions among the 600 odd ones would need a little practise. So, let us look at a few facts about the Roads & Traffic Authority's Driver Knowledge Test.

What is a Driver Knowledge Test?

This is a test given to those who want to drive for the first time and have applied for a licence to do so. These tests are conducted online and comprises of questions on road rules to be followed. A total of 45 questions are to be answered and these are selected at random by the computer, among the 600 available questions.

What are the benefits of the Driver Knowledge Test?

As a first time driver, this test gives you a complete picture of the terms and conditions to be followed while driving. Driver knowledge test is very helpful as a preliminary test to the actual driving test, thus helps in clearing the latter easily.

You can start with a simple DKT test and progress slowly and increase your difficulty level of the test.

Are you going to appear for your driver’s knowledge test in a few days? If so, you should also know that these tests are designed keeping in view of the all rules and regulations one need to follow while driving on the Australian roads. Put across comprehensively by the roads and Traffic authority of Australia, the test has parts of questions about:

  • • Roads Safety
  • • Alcohol and drugs (while driving)
  • • Fatigue and defence driving
  • • Pedestrians
  • • Intersections and lanes
  • • General knowledge
  • • Speed limit to be followed
  • • Meaning of road signs (traffic signs)
  • • Road lights
  • • Negligent driving

With so many things to learn at a time, it became difficult sometimes to remember everything learnt at the time of the original test.

Our website has put forward some sample DKT tests for the benefit of practising and learning all the above mentioned things before your original test. The tests differ for each state of Australia and also for the type of vehicles you choose to drive on the roads of Australia. We offer a package of 12 comprehensive sample tests for you to solve, to ensure your success in the RTA-DKT tests.

We have taken out the questions for these sample tests after a lot of research. These questions are completely similar to the ones asked in the original DKT test and so, are a complete learning medium for your RTA drivers test. The sample test is designed keeping in view of all the parts of the driver’s test and are based on the rules and regulations book given out by the RTA agency for all those new drivers.

Sometimes, learning from a book and then appearing for the RTA exam may not be completely feasible with your work and study pressure. Encountering a big, rule book at the end of the day may not be viable for all. That is why, we at the Driver-knowledge-test, though about making things easier for all our customers with these online tests.

The tests come with complete solutions for the questions asked in the sample test. This way, you will be able to check where you had gone wrong, when your scores are not up to the mark. You can repeat these tests as often as you want, until you are confident about appearing in the original RTA test.

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